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Creating a Final Medical Animation is a Multi-Step Process: 

Pre - Production

Laptop Writing

The first step for any project is extensive research on the subject. We will thoroughly understand your requirements and get any additional input from you and our experts. Then our team will collate all the data required for the project and prepare a preliminary draft.

An accurate and thorough script is vital as it will determine the visuals and the scope of the final video. Our highly experienced medical illustrators will create the storyboard with reference to the script which will notate the key visuals, transitions, voice over, text and on-screen text. This will help you visualize how the animation will look and is the best place to make corrections or modifications to ensure we are accurately capturing your requirements.

We will then start working on the 2D animatic using visuals from the storyboard. It will determine the flow, transition and timing of the animation. The purpose of the 2D animatic is to allow you to confirm that the animation is communicating the scientific information accurately and the way you want it.

Pre-production is complete upon your approval of the script, storyboard and the 2D animatic with voice over.



In Production there are multiple stages of development which include:

  • 3D modeling

  • Texturing

  • Lighting

  • Shading

  • Particle effects

  • Simulations

  • Rigging

  • Camera framing 

  • Animations

  • Rendering

Our award winning highly skilled animators and render farm containing hundreds of multiprocessing CPU’s allow us to produce amazing animations with quick turn around. 

Once all the scenes are created according to the storyboard, we produce a draft or a preview version which will contain basic colors and lighting. We then create a 3D animatic and the output will contain all the scenes of your desired video with voice over that we will send to you for approval. Production is complete upon your approval of the rough 3D animatic with voice over.


Post - Production


In Post-Production, we take the final renders to our state of the art editing suite and add the final special effects, music, voice over, on-screen text and finalize the animations. Your final product will be ready and made available in the format of your choice.

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